Where it all began in 1915. The field next to the De Groote Boogaarde farm (which still exists) at the South-western edge of today’s airbase.

Mike Terlinden Collection


Koksijde (De Groote Boogaarde) airfield


N° 2 Squadron at the De Groote Boogaarde airfield.

Mike Terlinden Collection


Koksijde Ten Bogaerde


Extremely rare picture of an Aviation Militaire Belge Nieuport X taking off from the De Groote Boogaarde airfield. Note that the

French Aviation Militaire Farman MF.11 on the foreground is lacking its fuselage nacelle. This is possibly a cannibalised aircraft.

Photo Lacroix via Didier Campion Collection


Koksijde DEPE


During the early fifties a detachment of the Elementary Flying School (DEPE) was established at Koksijde

with the then brand-new silver doped SV-4B trainers. Just visible in the hangar is a Mosquito target tower.

KLM/MRA Collection.




Recent public satellite picture of Koksijde airfield.

Picture compiled by Laurent Heyligen





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