De Moeren

De Moeren


Impressive aerial view of part of the De Moeren fighter base. Eight Nieuport fighters are visible most of them are N23's, note the difference in camouflage styles used.

de Burlet Collection


De Moeren


Aerial view of De Moeren taken in 1918.

Mike Terlinden Collection


De Moeren 1918


Vertical view of the De Moeren airfield taken on midday of 12 April 1918 from a height of 5.200 meters.

Daniel Brackx Collection


De Moeren airfield


Another view of the De Moeren airfield taken in the summer of 1918. To the right some Aviation Militaire personnel is

playing a match of soccer, while near the "Bessoneau" hangars three Breguet 14 and a Spad XI can be recognised.

Daniel Brack Collection




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