Ichtegem - Engel



Ichtegem - Engel 1918



Aerial view of Ichtegem airfield (called "Engel" by the Allies and "Ichtegem-Vijver" by the Germans) taken by the crew Cpt. Jaumotte

(pilot) and SLt. Desclee (observer) on 20 July 1918 from an altitude of 5.500 meters.  Until the end of 1917 Ichtegem remained a major

Jasta & Schusta base. On the night of 27/28 October 1917 nine Handley Page O/100's of N° 7(N) and 7A squadrons attacked the

airfield inflicting considerable damage.


Ichtegem - Engel 2012


The exact same spot as it looks today on a Google Earth map.



Ichtegem - Engel detail



Low level view of Ichtegem showing some aircraft (Albatrosses?) and the typical German crescent hangar tents.

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