Alexis Jottard


Sgt Alexis Jottard (centre) and his friend Jean Offenberg in front of a Fiat CR.42

of Squadron 4/II/2Aé at Nivelles in March/april 1940. 


Both pilots would escape to Algeria in a "borrowed" Caudron Simoun. Later they managed to reach England and join the RAF

On 30 July 1940 Jottard went to 6 OTU at Sutton Bridge on the same day. Here he converted to Hurricane and on 17 August he

joined 145 Squadron at Westhampnett together with Offenberg. On Sunday October 27th, 1940, while flying Hawker Hurricane

P3167, Alexis was shot down in combat with Bf109's some five miles South-East of the Isle of Wight and was reported missing.


While flying a Fiat CR.42 from Chartres (F.) on June 3rd, 1940 Alexis Jottard managed to damage in combat a German bomber

 attacking the base.











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