Central Centaur IVA
O-BOTC at Haren/Evere airfield in the early twenties.

Central Centaur IVA  O-BOTC


The Centaur was the main training aircraft in the civil pilot schools in the early twenties. O-BOTC was registered to the

Société d'Entreprises Générales Aéronautiques (SEGA) at Gosselies on 23 September 1921. This school was directed by WW1 ace Cdt. Fernand Jacquet.

Centaur O-BOTC


Gaston Poffé is posing in Central Centaur IVA O-BOTC at Gosselies in January 1925. Unfortunately Poffé (31 Promotion)

was killed on 15 July 1926 in the crash of his Ansaldo A.300-4 O-55 at Hoegaarden.


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