Aeronca 11AC Chief  OO-TWM

Photo J.A. Willems


Aeronca 11AC Chief (c/n 1608) was registered OO-TWM  on 2 May 1947 to the Compagnie commerciale d'Aviation et de

l'Automobile (COCA) SA, based at Haren.  As such it is pictured above at Brustem/St.Truiden airfield in 1947.

On 19 January 1949 the machine was damaged on landing at Sint-Denijs-Westrem/Gent. On 28 July of that same year

it was sold to M. Mauhin, (Grimbergen) and on 28 June 1955 the Aeronca again changed ownership,

now being sold to J. De Paepe, (Deurne). Finally on 21 February 1957 the aircraft was cancelled from

the register to become D-ENYS. (Info Luc Wittemans)









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