Bell 47H-1 OO-SHW



Bell 47 H-1 OO-SHW

Artwork Fernand Van De Plas


Built in 1956 at Fort Worth, Texas, USA, as a deluxe version of the three seat light weight Bell 47

and powered by a single Franklin 6V4-200-C32 6-cylinder piston engine. The Bell  47H was a

greatly improved and enhanced version of the early Bell 47G, the main difference being the metal

monocoque tail boom, which contained a baggage compartment. OO-SHW was the sole example

sold in Europe and one of only 33 built. Originally sold to Sabena Airways in Belgium it was operated

in Antarctica to support a Belgian scientific expedition. The helicopter was eventually written-off after

a forced landing in the UK and is now on display in The Helicopter Museum at Weston-super-Mare (U.K.).

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