RSV 32/90 OO-AJP


RSV 32/90 OO-AJP started its life as O-BAJP in the first Belgian Civilian register on 22 October 1928 belonging to the Antwerp Aviation Club. Being re-registered OO-AJP on 20 March 1929; the RSV was sold to E. Bouillon of Brussels on 21 November 1936. OO-AJP was sold again to the famous P.J. Guldentops on 2 December 1936 only to be transferred to the Ecole Nationale d'Aviation based at Haren a few days later on the 24th of the same month.  As was the case with so many civilian aircraft OO-AJP disappeared during the war years to be officially cancelled from the register on 5 April 1946. The above picture shows famous Antwerp pilot Jan Olieslagers in the front cockpit at the time the aircraft belonged to the Deurne based Antwerp Aviation Club. (Info Luc Wittemans)

Guy Van de Merck Collectiont



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