RSV 26/100 OO-AJV

On 21 February 1929 this Renard 100hp powered RSV 26/100 (?) was registered as OO-AJV to the Club d'Aviateurs de Bruxelles (asbl), based at Haren. In 1937 the aircraft had several changes in ownership (on 05.03.1937 to Mr. A. Cartuyvels de Collaert of Brussels, on 06.03.1937 to G. Dassy based at Haren and finally, on 08.03.1937 to Mr.  L. Baugniet of Schaarbeek.) This RSV went missing during the Second World War and its registration was cancelled on 27 February 1946. (Info Luc Wittemans) 

Ewald Delbaere Collection.



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