Hanriot HD-1  OO-APJ

Hanriot HD-1 OO-APJ appeared on the Belgian civil register in 1934 as its was purchased from the Belgian Government by André Drossaert, the letters APJ standing for the three Drossaert brothers André, Paul and Jules.  On this picture one can clearly depict the former military identity H-1. According to most sources during the First World War this particular aircraft was coded H-75, but this has never been confirmed officially. The machine now is on public viewing at the Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon (London) painted as H-75 of n° 1 squadron. Of note on this picture are the over-sized wheels and the post WW-1 squared off propeller.

Daniel Brackx Collection.



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Last updated 28/03/12 07:23   Daniel Brackx