Bulté RB-1 OO-AKR

Bulté RB-1 OO-AKR was first registered to Mr. J. De Keyn on 4 April 1930 and it is with this owner that the machine is seen on the picture above at the airfield of Chateau d'Ardenne in that same month. Later on the Bulté not only changed its engine from the Anzani to the Renard 100hp, but also had the following owners: 21 January 1931: Club d'Aviateurs de Bruxelles asbl, 20 August 1935 Mr. A. Dossaert, 25 July 1936 Mr. P.J. Guldentops and finally on 24 December 1936 the machine was sold to l'Ecole nationale d'Aviation sprl. On 26 March 1937 the Bulté was sold in Luxemburg and became LX-AKR.  (Information Luc Wittemans)

Guy Van de Merckt Collection


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