Oostende - Stene


Oostende - Stene

Jean-Pierre Lauwers Collection


Old map representing the details of Oostende-Stene airfield as it looked in the mid-thirties.


Oostende-Stene airfield

Archive KLM/MRA


Picture of Oostende/Stene airfield taken on the 17th of June 1938 at 4 P.M. by a Fairey Fox of  3/I/3 Aé

flown by the crew Lang - Kinet.


Oostende - Stene

Jean Morel Collection.


Visiting German and British aircraft at Oostende in the mid-tirties:


Oostende - Stene

Daniel Brackx Collection


Stnson SR.6 Reliant on visit at Oostende-Stene airfield in the thirties.





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