Oostende Raversijde 16/04/49

Daniel Brackx Collection



BAF Photo.


Almost twice the same aerial view of Oostende (Raversijde) Airport taken with forty years of difference.

The top picture was taken on 16 April 1949 while the lower picture was taken in the late eighties.

The reserved grounds for the proposed East -West runway are clearly visible on both shots.

The North-Sea is to the top of both pictures.


Oostende airport

Picture compiled by Daniel Brackx


Recent public satellite picture of Oostende-Brugge International Airport


Oostende airfield


Oostende/Raversijde airport in the early sixties showing DC-3 transports of amongst others Silver City (G-AOBN), Sabena (OO-AW?),

Channel Express (G-AJIB) and Aer Lingus and two Vickers Vikings from Tradair (foreground)(G-APOP) and British International Airlines

(background)(G-AIVK). Also note the stored  former Belgian Air Force Armstrong Withworth Meteor NF.11 night fighters acquired by

the Cogea Nouvelle at the far end of the apron





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