Sikorsky S-38B "Osa's Ark" N28V


Sikorsky S-38B (replica) "Osa-'s Ark" N28V (cn B414-20) taxiing in at Malle airfield on August 21st, 2010



Sikorsky S-38B "Osa-'s Ark" N28V


The "Ark" in flight



Sikorsky S-38B "Osa's Ark" N28V


View over the upper "deck" in flight, quite a windy situaton here...



Sikorsky S-38B "Osa's Ark" N28V


Owner Thomas Schrade brings in the "Ark" for a landing at Malle airfield.


Sikorsky S-38B "Osa's Ark" N28V


Why would someone call this aircraft "The Flying Yacht"?  Even the handbag of Thomas' wife is zebra striped....


Sikorsky S-38B "Osa's Ark" N28V


The Sikosky has a very typical and complicated look from behind. 


The S-38 was Igor Sikorsky's first flying boat design and made its first flight in 1928. Called "The Flying Yacht" a total of 110 were produced

and used by adventure seekers and fledging airline companies. Osa’s Ark is a reproduction built from original Sikorsky plans.

Construction began in 2000 and totaled some 40,000 man-hours. The Ark’s owner Thomas Schrade flew this aircraft in the  movie “The Aviator”

 starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes. Thomas is acturally (summer of 2011) making a charity flight from Minnesota to Berlin, Germany,

in cooperation with The Wings of Hope, which provides support for other humanitarian organizations worldwide through the coordination

of air transport for rescue workers, supplies, and patients.  The Ark crossed Labrador, South Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Faeroe Islands,

London, Brussels, Frankfurt, before arriving in Berlin. On its return leg Malle airfield’s Fly In was honoured with a visit of the marvelous machine.  


Some characteristics:


    Crew: 2

    Wingspan: 72 ft 6 in.

    Length: 40 ft 3 in.

    Passengers: 6 maximum

    Gross Weight: 10,480 lbs

    Engines: Two 450 hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp (985) Radials

    Cruising Speed: 110 mph

    Ceiling: 16,000 ft

    Range: 750 nm




film showing take off from Malle Airfield from inside Osa's Ark on 21/08/2011





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