Schleicher ASK 13 D-3438


Schleicher ASK 13 D-3438


Former Belgian Air Cadets glider PL-66 Schleicher ASK 13 which was acquired in October 2004 by Bob Verhegghen being

registered OO-YBV. In 2006 the glider was given the German registration D-3438. Between the winter of 2014 and April of 2014

 the glider was fully inspected and overhauled under control of the German CAMO to comply with EASA rules. The structure has

been found very sound and perfect state, no corrosion and no watermarks on the wood. After much discussion with Firmin Henrard

and Bob's co-owner Jean-Louis it was decided to apply a new highly visible red and white paint scheme but its legacy with the

Belgian Air Cadets remains with the BAC roundel on the rudder.

The above pictures were made during D-3438's first post-overhaul flight from Temploux airfield on May 17th, 2014


Schleicher ASK 13 D-3438


              Schleicher ASK 13 D-3438 before its recent overhaul.




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