The Gent-meeting at St. Denijs-Westrem was the first post-war airshow in Europe and was organised on 7 and 8  September 1946 by the Gent City-Council in collaboration with the "Gent Aviation Club".


The public could see for the first time the two Belgian fighter-squadrons n°s 349 and 350 with their Spitfire XVI's. Two machines TE191/GE-G and TD237/GE-D were specially decorated in alluminium finish with TE191 (flown by the 349 Squadron CO Albert Van de Velde) being named "Stad Gent". 

Line up of  349 squadron Spitfire XVI's headed by TD237/GE-D at Gent/St-Denijs-Westrem on 8 september 1946.

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Other highlights of the show were:

Fly by of a Germany-based USAAF squadron of Thunderbolts

American civilian aircraft: Douglas DC-3 (Sabena) and DC-4 (Sabena)

The brand-new RAF-bomber Avro Lincoln, a trio of RAF De Havilland Mosquitos, a Hawker Tempest and the undisputed star of the show the Jet propelled Gloster Meteor.

British civilian aircraft: Bristol 170 Wayfarer (later called Freighter) and the De Havilland DH104 Dove

Fourteen P-47D Thunderbolds of the Groupe de Chasse II/3 "Dauphiné" of the French Armée de l'Air and a Douglas Daunteless of the French "Aéronavale".

French civilian aircraft: Nord 1101 and 1201 and Caudron Goëland.


Ater the airshow the public was offered the possibility of to make a maiden flight in one of two Sabena Junkers Ju-52's.

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