28th Sanicole International Airshow 08 August 2004


The Kleine-Brogel Support Unit

 The annual Sanicole Air Show is without doubt one of the finest and most successful in Belgium. It always offers a flying programme that can please everyone with its military and civilian aircraft, modern and vintage types, silent and noisy machines, aerobatics and flypasts…

 Each year, the 10th Tactical Wing and its home base Kleine-Brogel offer their support to render the air show into a safe and successful event. Air traffic control and fire fighting are in the hands of professionals of the 10th Wing, while the air base itself hosts the flying participants that cannot be serviced at the aero club’s airfield.

The 28th edition, as seen through the lens of a spotter at Kleine-Brogel air base on arrivals day August 6th and Sanicole airfield during the weekend.

North American F-86A Sabre

A look back in the past was given with this Korean War era North American F-86A Sabre G-SABR/ 48-0178 of Golden Apple Operations Ltd.

Mirage 2000C

Some display pilots understand well what spotters like most: banking towards their camera in a high-speed low-altitude pass, as illustrated by Orange based Mirage 2000C no. 36/5-OC of EC 02.005 “Ile de France” of the French Armée de l’Air.


The highlights of arrivals day on August 6th were the pair of Spangdahlem based 52nd Wing A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft of the USAFE, performing numerous fine touch-and-goes.

F-16A FA-05

Travelling ground exhibit F-16A FA-05 usually wears a No. 349 Squadron fin tip band. On the occasion of the 28th Sanicole Air Show, it was adorned with a provisional Tiger fin tip band. Inspiration for this was found in the fact that Sanicole’s Gilbert Bueckenberghs is at present godfather of No. 31 “Tiger” Squadron.


Who says that the Dutch cannot be convivial? Who says that the Dutch are always thrifty? The crew of this Boeing CH-47D Chinook of No. 298 Squadron at least were very convivial and extremely generous offering free beers from their own flown in bar to almost everyone…

All texts & photographs by Jos Schoofs

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