Beauvechain International Airshow 2010


 The “Beauvechain International Airshow 2010” which took place on the weekend of 3 and 4 July, 2010 was to be the main Air Component event of the year. Unfortunately the venue was plagued with a large number of organisation problems, which were mainly due to the fact that the complete non-aviation related part of the show was given in the hands of a private company which clearly could do with some more experience in organising airshows. The event promoter was so much involved in the commercial aspect of such a large event that many other essential matters were overlooked or badly handled.

Fortunately the Belgian Air Component who was responsible for all aviation-related matters, demonstrated its expertise and managed to gather a well balanced variety of different aircraft from older props to the most modern jets.


A pictorial overview:

Alpha Jet European Smoke

The flying display was opened by four Belgian Dassault/Breguet-Dornier Alpha Jet 1B+ aircraft (AT-21, 22, 24 and 32) trailing blue and yellow smoke, the colours of the European Union of which the Council is presided by Belgium during the second half of 2010.

DC-6B N996DM Red Bull

Superb and shiny Douglas DC-6B N996DM (cn 45563/1034) a beautiful and huge chunk of nostalgia.  

Supermarine Spitfire XIX PS890/UM-E

Dijon-Darois (F.) based Supermarine Spitfire PR.XIX PS890/UM-E - F-AZJS owned by Christophe Jacquard

Vought F4U-4 Corsair OE-EAS/RB37

The mighty Vought F4U-4 Corsair OE-EAS/RB37 (cn 9149) of Red Bull upon landing

 Hawker Hunter F.6 N-294

Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation Hawker Hunter F.6 N-294 (G-KAXF - cn S4/U/3361) near the former 349 Squadron dispersal. 

Austrian Air Force SAAB 105OE RF-26/1126

Austrian Air Force SAAB 105OE RF-26/1126 (cn 105426) TIGER27 in full Tiger colour scheme. 

Shorts Tucano T.1 ZF171/LZ-R

RAF Linton-on-Ouse based Shorts Tucano T.1 ZF171/LZ-R, representing the colour scheme worn by Robert "Bobby" W. Oxspring DFC, AFC of N° 66 Squadron during the Battle of Britain.

Antonov An-26 25 Blue “Vita”

The interior of Ukrainian Air Force Antonov An-26 25 Blue “Vita” (c/n 5406) was converted into a medical emergencies aircraft following an accident with a young girl in 2005 and the lack of an appropriate aircraft for transporting severely wounded patients at that time. The flying hospital is equipped with a surgery and intensive care unit in accordance with the prevailing ICAO requirements.

F-16AM FA-100 Special tail

Lockheed-Martin F-16AM FA-100 received special tail markings for the occasion of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.  

F/A-18C J-5017

Swiss Air Force F/A-18C J-5017 sporting the special tail "17 Falcons". 

Saab JAS39D 43 and JAS39C 40

Hungarian Air Force Saab JAS39D 43 (cn 39852) and JAS39C 40 (cn 39311) demonstrating clearly the efficiency of the fake canopy painted underneath the fuselage. 

Tornado GR.4s. ZA458/024

Prior to inserting ground troops in enemy held territory, hostile troop concentrations are neutralised by ground attack or close air support aircraft, in this case a pair of Tornado GR.4s. ZA458/024 flies with No. 15 Squadron of the Royal Air Force and is based at RAF Lossiemouth.

Lockheed P-3C CUP 60+07

Lockheed P-3C CUP 60+07 (cn 5774 - former Dutch 311) of the Bundesmarine MFG-3  

Locjheed C-130H Hercules CH-11 & CH-05

Ground forces are brought in by a pair of Lockheed C-130H Hercules transport aircraft (CH-05 and CH-11) of No. 20 Squadron of the 15th Transport Wing at Melsbroek Air Base.

Harship Red team

The newly decorated Marchetti's of the "Hardship Red" team nicely lined up.

Hardship Red in flight

The "Hardship Red "team presenting their new immaculate show at their home base Beauvechain. 

F-16AM and Spitfire 19

Before starting his display, “Mitch” Beulen flew in formation with Christophe Jacquard’s Supermarine Spitfire PR.XIX F-AZJS. This former Royal Air Force and Royal Thai Air Force aircraft was painted in the colours of No. 152 Squadron of the Royal Air Force during the 2008/2009 winter. PS890/UM-E carries the colours proper to the WW II RAF Far East theatre.

The Vortex.

"Mitch" Beulen superbly presenting "the Vortex".




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