Brustem Airshow "50 Years BAF 1918 1968"



To celebrate a rather odd timed  "50 Years of Belgian Air Force", two major airshows were organised around this theme in Belgium. The annual "Koksijde International Airshow or Wings Festival" at Koksijde airbase on 10 and 11 August1968 (look here)  and the BRUSTEM INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW 1968 on 20, 21 and 23 June 1968.

Enjoy this pictural overview of this great meeting composed of images provided by different photographers.


Where possible the aircraft pics are placed in the sequence as you would discover the machines in the static display.



Static Display

Historic Aircraft provided by the Royal Army Museum

Hawker Hurricane IIc LF658.

Supermarine Spitfire LF.9 SM-15

North American AT-6C-1-NT Harvard IIa H-39.

Gloster Meteor F.8 EG-224/K5-K

Republic F-84G FZ-107 painted as FZ-132/YL-D.

Hawker Hunter F.4 ID-44.


Belgian Air Force


Stampe Vertongen SV-4B V-6.

Potez-Air-Fouga CM.170-1 Magister MT-1.

Lockheed T-33A FT-10 with a rather unique "dayglow" nose.

Republic RF-84F Thunderflash FR-23.

Republic F-84F FU-28 with different weapons layouts.


Lockheed F-104G Starfighter FX-45


Belgian Light Aviation

Dornier Do 27J-1 D-11



Foreign visitors in the static display



Kaman HH-43B Huskie 24559

North American F-100D Super Sabre O-63390

North American F-100D Super Sabre O-62951

McDonnell RF-101C Voodoo 0-60221

Convair F-102A Delta Dagger 0-61217

McDonnel F-4D Phantom II 66-7702



Royal Air Force


English Electric Lightning F.2 XN731/M of N° 92 Squadron

Handley Page Victor B.2 XM717

Hawker Siddeley HS.125 Dominie T.1 XS731


Koninklijke Luchtmacht

Lockheed RF-104G Starfighter D-8119


Royal Canadian Air Force

Canadair CF-104G Starfighter 12900 equipped with a Vicon recce pod



Bell UH-1D 70+47

 Transall C-160D KM+103


Italian Air Force

Piaggio PD-808 MM578/RS-3



De Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter OO-HAD (Former U.S.Navy Bu144669)



Flying Display


Sikorsky (Sud Aviation) HSS-1 B-6/OT-ZKF

Sud Aviation  Alouette II (Artouste) OL-A27 and OL-A45 of the Light Avi "Aerobees" demo team.

Piper L-18C Super Cub OL-L07

Piper L-18C Super Cub OL-L35

English Electric Lightning F.2 XN792/N of N° 92 Squadron 

A Handley Page Victor K.2 refuelling two Lightning fighters

Royal Navy delegation Fly-by consitsing ot two Blackburn Buccaneer S.2's and two de Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2's

Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar CP-18/OT-CAR dropping para-troopres and making a very low pass. Crew was Charles Vingerhoets and Hubert Van Bever

Very Low - Fast & Loud Lockheed F-104G Starfighter FX-02 demo by "Bill" Ongena.

Camouflaged Lockheed F-104G Starfighter FX-67 landing at Brustem.

Grand Starfighter finale...

... and of course the great Red Devils, ... what else.



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