TDPU/Spotters' Day at Florennes airbase - 14 July 2005


The Tactical Discussion and Procedures Update (TDPU) event organised by 350 (F) Squadron at Florennes airbase was aimed at looking into the standardisation of the procedures and the improvement of the team-work between NATO squadrons equipped with the latest operational F-16 MLU M3 upgrade. More particularly examined was the Link 16 capability, which provides a real-time, jam resistant secure transfer of combat data, voice and relative navigation information between widely dispersed battle elements. At the same time 350 (F) Squadron, having a strong Air Defence squadron tradition organised a Fighter Meet which gave the opportunity to train air-air type missions against all major participating Air Defence Squadrons from Europe. Also present at Florennes were some F-16 MLU M4 upgraded aircraft from the Norwegian, Danish and Dutch Air Forces for some development testing giving a first peek of things to come for the Fighting Falcon family. On 14 July 2005 350 (F) squadron organised a Spotters' Day to give the general public a good view of the activities going on at Florennes Airbase. Plagued by some last minute cancellations due to the London bombings and the fact that it was France's National holiday, the splendid weather non the less made this a very refreshing and easy going-day.

 F-16AM FA-57 special tail                                                                                    F-16AM FA-57

Specially decorated for the occasion, the tail of F-16AM FA-57.

Participating Aircraft on 14 July 2005:
SA.318C Alouette II: A49 Wing Heli,
Alpha Jet B: AT-18 1Wing
SF260D: ST-46 1 Wing    
F-16AM: FA-57, FA-67, FA-72, FA-83, FA-89, FA-91, FA-92, FA-101, FA-104, FA-107, FA-108, FA-109, FA-115, FA-117, FA-120, FA-127, FA-130, FA-135
F-16BM: FB05, FB12, FB20, FB21   
F-16AM: E-603, E-606, E-609 Esk 726 & F-16BM: ET-210, ET-614 Esk 726    
Super Etendard: 13, 25 of 11F; C-135FR: 93-CI GRV 93
Tornado: 45+56  JBG 31, 46+33 JBG 32
E-3A LN-N90448 NAEW&CF
F-16AM: J-204 323 Sqn  & F-16BM: J-210  323 Sqn    
F-16AM: 658 & F-16BM: 689
F/A18C Hornet: J-5006, J-5008 & F/A-18D Hornet: J-5236

Swiss Air Force Hornets

 Three Swiss Air Force MC Donnell Douglas F/A-18C and D (middle) Hornets on the ramp at Florennes.

Dassault Super Etendard

Two Dassault Etendards of the French Aéronavale await clearance for take-off at the runway threshold.

F-16Am J-Dam

Shape of things to come, KLu F-16AM/M4 J-210 carrying a JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) GBU-31 INS/GPS guided bomb.


The newest short range air-to air missile Saab IRIS-T ordered by the Norwegian Air Force (under the wing - the wingtip missile being an AMRAAM). The system combines aerodynamics and thrust control in a tail controlled airframe.

Swiss F-18A Hornet

A Swiss Air Force F/A-18C Hornet comes in to land at Florennes during the Spotters' Day.

Daniel Brackx & Vincent Pirard (July 2005)

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