STAMPE Fly-In 2006


You can't have but noticed the bad weather last weekend... reason that many biplanes unfortunately did not attend the Stampe Fly In at Deurne/Antwerpen on 27 and 28 May 2006.

However on Sunday it was mostly sunny (compared to ‘rainy’ Saturday…) although rather cold,  so a big crowd showed up! As per tradition that day, there was a formation flight of 9 biplanes that took off at 11 o'clock.

 Only a total of 14 biplanes were on duty this year, but knowing that 9 SV4's were locally based...!

Evenly split into seven Stampe & Renard SV4bis (ex-Belgian Air Forces trainers in service from 1948 up to 1970):

Static line: OO-BPL (V52), OO-EIR (V4), OO-MON (V30), OO-PAX (V5), OO-SVB (V43).

Stampe Renard SV-4Bis OO-EIR (Ex BAF V-4) in stock Belgian Air Force livery.

Museum hall: OO-GWB (V29), OO-GWD (V18)

....and also seven SNCAN SV4’s (built in France):



It was the opportunity for OO-PAX and OO-GWB to show their new colours.

Former Belgian Air Force V-5 (OO-PAX) is now painted in the first colour scheme (black and yellow) of aerobatic team 'Les Manchots'.

Stampe Renard SV-4Bis OO-PAX (ex BAF V5) magnificently restored in the colours of the "Manchots" aerobatic team.

For ex-29 (OO-GWB), the choice was more 'classic'. RAF type overall silver with yellow stripes on wings and fuselage. About half of the 65 ordered SV4bis biplanes were delivered as such before changing to the orange (high visibility) colour.


OO-VSV 'Esprit de P'tit Louis' is figuring since short on the Belgian Register. Until recently, she was F-BEKI.

SNCAN SV4 OO-VSV 'Esprit de P'tit Louis'

Following has been seen on OO-GWC's fuselage: "Oldest flying Stampe", kind of evident knowing that the construction number is n°1!

SNCAN SV4 OO-GWC (c/n 1) sporting proudly on its fuselage "Oldest flying Stampe"

 Some other aircraft paid a visit also, like a 'Beaver' and 'Harvard' from the Netherlands, a homebuilt from France, A Pilatus P-3 from Germany, 2 Spitfires from the UK, ... without forgetting a fly over of a formation of about 10 Chipmunk’s from Zoersel (Chipmeet)

 Belgium has quite an important SV4 community totalling more than 25 airworthy SV’s and many projects under rebuild to airworthy condition. Please pay a visit to ‘’ to stay up to date of the Belgian based SV’s or present status of the 50% worldwide surviving Stampe & Renard SV4bis of the Belgian production !


See you next year!

GOOD SHOW and THANK YOU to all the ones involved in the organisation of the Stampe Fly In's since 1992!

Thierry CARDON (May 2006)




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