Open School at Saffraanberg


In the framework of the Open Schools Days, the Royal Technical School at Saffraanberg opened its doors for the large public on 13 March 2005. The main aim of the Open Schools Days is to familiarize young people with the different teaching institutes of the Ministry of Defence. These days offer an excellent opportunity to meet pupils or students of the present school year and exchange ideas, to get acquainted with a military educational environment and to learn more about the didactic equipment of these specialised schools.

The following hardware was on show

A27 Alouette II instructional
BA03 Mirage 5BA instructional
BA17 Mirage 5BA instructional, used for Battle Damage Repair Training
FA03 F16A instructional
FB03 F16B instructional
FX53 F104G gate-guardian
FX39 F104G instructional
H14 A109 instructional
MT03 Fouga instructional (to be placed on roundabout near Sint Truiden)
ST09 SF260M instructional
PL72 Grob G102 Astir Club Standard Jeans CS77 Belgian Air Cadets

Agusta H-14 Saffraanberg

Agusta A.109BA H14 is the newest didactic item that the Royal Technical School acquired recently. The helicopter carries the flag of the European Union on the sliding doors following its participation in an EU military peacekeeping operation in the Balkans.


Fouga MT-03 Saffraanberg

Fouga Magister MT3 in a splendid new Red Devils colour scheme is awaiting transfer to its new location on the roundabout near the entrance of the industrial estate on the former Brustem airbase.

Text and pictures by

 Jos Schoofs

Additional info by Laurent Heylighen

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