CHIPMEET  -  25 > 28 May 2006


Still wearing its former Danish Air Force colour scheme, Chipmunk OY-ATR is being maintained by its crew.

For the second time the Chipmunk Meet took place at Zoersel AB (EBZR), still a NATO reserve airfield, and in use by the Belgian Air Cadets with Piper L21B and various types of gliders. Further also home to the A.P.C.K. who was in charge to coordinate all the activities up and around the airfield.  

The 8th edition of this event commemorates the 60th anniversary of the first flight from the Chipmunk, the prototype flew for the first time on 22 may 1946. Even now in 2006 are some Air Forces around the world still using this aerobatic trainer. Up to 17 different owners/pilots registered in advance, unfortunately due to the bad weather conditions in Belgium, only 12 "Chippies" from Denmark, Netherlands, U.K. and Belgium arrived at the airfield for this 4 day annual gathering. A lot of various flying activities and courses were scheduled; most of them
 were cancelled and replaced by briefings over the history, the various versions from the Chipmunk. Also a visit to the Stampe & Vertongen museum in Deurne took place. Finally on the last day, the weather became flyable, the formation flight scheduled for Saturday evening took place on Sunday morning with 11 planes flying over the province of Antwerp, and even a fly-pass over Deurne airfield took place, beating the SV-4 formation which consisted of only 8 planes! Due to the improved and sunny weather a lot of visitors arrived by car and plane to have a look at this interesting event. The 9th edition is already scheduled for 17 to 20 may 2007 at Zoersel/Malle airfield.

More info from the previous and next Chipmunk Meets is available at .

The participants of the 8th annual Chipmeet

The oldest flying Chipmunk (G-PVET/ WB565/X) comes in to land.

The pilot/owner of Chipmunk G-BCPU is having a look at the De Havilland Gipsy Major 8 engine of his aircraft.

List of participants and visitors:

CHIPMUNK MEET at ZOERSEL (EBZR) 25may06 - 28may06 
Registration Markings Type Build based in Previous Remarks
G-AOJR DHC-1 mk22 1950 Belgium SE-BBS
G-ATHD WP971 DHC-1 mk22 1953 U.K. WP971 R.A.F. colors
G-BCPU DHC-1 mk22 1953 U.K. WP973 B.A. colors
G-BFAW DHC-1 mk22 1952 U.K.
G-BVTX WP809 78 DHC-1 mk22A 1952 U.K. WP809 R.N. colors
G-BWTG WB671 910 DHC-1 mk22 1950 Netherlands WB671 R.N. colors
G-DHCC WG321 G DHC-1 mk22 1951 Belgium WG321 A.A.C. colors
G-HAPY WP803 DHC-1 mk22 1952 U.K. WP803 R.A.F. Colors
G-PVET WB565 X DHC-1 mk22 1950 U.K. WB565 A.A.C. colors
OY-ATF WD319 DHC-1 mk22 1950 Denmark HB-TUE R.A.F. colors
OY-ATO P-129 DHC-1 mk22 1950 Denmark 12-129 R. Dan.A.F. cs
OY-ATR (P-140) DHC-1 mk22 1953 Denmark 12-140 R. Dan.A.F. cs
D-EFQR   Robin DR400-180      
G-TAPE   PA23-250 Aztec U.K.    
G-CBSS Yak-52 Belgium
N13FY 16544 AT.6A Harvard Netherlands    
OY-POT Fw P149D Denmark 90+08 R.Dan.A.F. cs
OO-54 Poittier P80S Belgium
OO-LUK V41 SV.4B Belgium B.A.F. Cs
OO-VMH 90+36 Fw P149D Belgium G.A.F. cs

Two Chips parked near the Zoersel "airfield indication" board.


DIRK A. GEERTS (May 2006)

Supplementary pictures and information by Paul Van Caesbroeck .

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