Chipmunk Meet 2005 at Malle (EBZR)


Having moved from Brasschaat at the last minute, the 2005 edition of the Chipmunk Meet was held at Malle/Zoersel airfield (North of Antwerpen) between 13 and 16 May 2005. Assigned for a different job at Malle, Dirk A Geerts of Aeroscript was fortunate enough to be present when the first participants arrived on "Friday the 13th" May. The first Chipmunk meet was organised at Lons le Saunier/Courlaoux (LFGL) in France in 1998 and has since attracted more and more participants. The 2005 edition, which was the 7th Chip meet, could boost no less than 14 different Chipmunk visitors over the four days, quite a success for an aircraft which after 47 years of loyal service (first flight: 22 may 1946) retired from active military service in March 1997.  In November 1948 even the Belgian Air Force acquired two Chipmunks for evaluation purposes (ultimately the SV-4B was chosen as next trainer) (click here for some pics).  

Chipmunks at Zoersel

List of participants and visitors:

Registr. Markings Type Build Based at Previous Remarks
D-ERTY WP835/ DHC-1 mk22   1952     ? G-BDCB   R.A.F. colors
F-AZJV 1375 DHC-1 T20* 19..  France   CS-AZP Port.A.F. colors
G-AOJR    DHC-1 mk22 1950   Belgium SE-BBS  
G-ATHD     WP971   DHC-1 mk22 1953 U.K. WP971 R.A.F. colors
G-BCPU   DHC-1 mk22 1953 U.K. WP973 B.A. colors
G-BWTG WB671/910 DHC-1 mk22 1950 Netherlands WB671 R.N. colors
G-BWVZ WK590/69 DHC-1 mk22 1952 Belgium WK590 R.A.F. colors
G-BXHA WP925/C DHC-1 mk22 1952 Netherlands WP925 A.A.C. colors
G-DHCC  WG321/G  DHC-1 mk22 1951 Belgium WG321 A.A.C. colors
G-HDAE 1304  DHC-1 mk22 1951 Belgium CS-DAE Port.A.F. colors
G-PVET WB565/X  DHC-1 mk22 1950 U.K. WB565 A.A.C. colors
OY-ATF WD319 DHC-1 mk22 1950 Denmark G-AOZJ R.A.F. colors
OY-ATO P-129 DHC-1 mk22 1950 Denmark ..  R.Dan.A.F. cs
OY-ATR   DHC-1 mk22 1953 Denmark .. R.Dan.A.F. cs

Other visitors

F-PYIG    Poittier P80S     France    
OE-DZB   DA40   Austria    
OO-ALZ   PA L18C   Belgium    
OO-JEN   Saab S91   Belgium    
OO-VMH 90+36 FW P149D   Belgium   G.A.F. cs
OY-POT   FW P149D 1959 Denmark 90+08 R.Dan.A.F. cs
PH-  E1 Fokker S11       R.Net.A.F. cs
RA-1771K   Yak52   Belgium    
RA-3085K   Yak52   Belgium    
RA-3326K   Yak52   Belgium    



Info and pictures by

 Dirk A. Geerts/Aeroscript

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