Winter pictures of Cerfontaine airfield




Main entrance to the airfield of Cerfontaine (EBCN,) situated between the picturesque villages of Froidchapelle and Cerfontaine. 

According to André Antoine, now Ministre du Logement, des Transports et du Dévelopement territorial, 12,5 million euros are

invested in the infrastructure of this general aviation airfield.  The airfield operator Sociéte de Gestion de l’Aérodrome de

Cerfontaine (Sogelac) filed for bankruptcy in July 2005.  Minister André Antoine who is in charge of local airport policy has

asked the Société Walonne des Aéroports (Sowaer) to put Cerfontaine airfield for sale. 



Main building of Cerfontaine, landside.  The first stone was laid on June 1st 1999 by Minister Robert Collignon (Ministre Président de

la Région Walonne) and Minister Michel Lebrun (Ministre de l’Aménagement du Territoire, de l’Equipement et des Transports

de la Région Walonne.)



Landside, main building.  There is a large parking area, including parking for taxis.  Inside the building near the entrance

hall is room for a restaurant and shops.  



Airside view of the very nice control tower.  According to NOTAM B1616/2005 Cerfontaine and its grass runway 12/30 is “temporary closed.”



The large hangar for the fire brigade is used by Limair Industry.  Limair is a Flemish company established in 1995 by Robert Crets and Gerda Pschygoda.

 Robert was well known as a Belgian Air Force pilot (instructor F-16) and is now the manager of Limair. 

This hangar is mainly used for the assembly and maintenance of ULM’s (Esqual, Jaribu, and Murphy.)  It is uncertain that Limair will extend its activities on

Cerfontaine airfield, there are two many unanswered questions about the future of this airfield.



One of the two very modern airfield hangars.  The Centre Aéronautique Carolorégien of the nearby Froidchapelle

airfield is using these hangars for the winter storage of their gliders and towing aircraft.  There is still a slight

possibility to reopen Cerfontaine if an investor can be found and an operator who can manage this airfield

successfully.  The closure of Froidchapelle is imminent once Cerfontaine is reopened for general aviation.    



Airfield hangar with fuel pump.  The Belgian and Dutch general aviation side is showing some interest to invest in this airfield. 

But also farmers are looking anxious to this field; it is a perfect place for a sheep farm.



Close to the main hangars is a large and modern metal shed; several gliders are parked under this roof. 



Gliders parked under the half open hangar of Cerfontaine.  Many Flemish and Walloon aeroclubs can only dream of this beautiful infrastructure.  Let’s hope it will reopen very soon.     




© Frans Van Humbeek (January 2006)



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