Schaffen - Diest Oldtimer Fly-In 2011



 As tradition wants it the Schaffen-Diest International Oldtimer Fly/Drive-in was organised in the mid-august weekend. Unfortunately the very bad weather we've already seen for most of the 2011 summer didn't make an exception for this marvelous gathering of all kinds of private aircraft, from the 'ordinary' Cessna Skyhawk to 'warbird' style of machines such as the superb Polish PZL-Mielec-TS-8-Bies-SP-YBD.

The bad weather and the not so positive forecast limited this year’s number of visitors but nonetheless, quite some interesting aircraft turned up for this 2011 edition.

A photographic overview:

Aeronca 7AC Champion OO-TWJ

 Goetsenhoven based Aeronca 7AC Champion OO-TWJ (cn 7AC-3625) is superbly restored and finished in a very attractive colour scheme

Jaribu 2200 Calypso OO-E26

Jaribu 2200 Calypso OO-E26 (cn 556) of Aero Kiewit

Chrislea CH3 Super Ace Skyjeep Srs 4 G-AKVR

Something of a rarity, the 1951 build Chrislea CH3 Super Ace Skyjeep Srs 4 G-AKVR (cn 125) is one of only 4 such aircraft constructed. In the opened fuselage a stretcher casualty could be transported.

Luscombe 8F Silvaire N9945C

The shiny Luscombe 8F Silvaire N9945C (cn S-49) taking of at Schaffen

Christen A-1 Husky PH-PHX

At first sight it looks like a Piper Super Cub, but isn't... Christen A-1 Husky PH-PHX (cn 1130 ) flew in from Midden-Zeeland (EHMZ)

Piper PA-18-95 / L-18C Super Cub D-EFTB

Piper PA-18-95 / L-18C Super Cub D-EFTB (cn 18-3455) in one of the best looking Cub color schemes as 96+31.

Piper PA-18-105 Super Cub OO-ATY

Piper PA-18-105 Super Cub OO-ATY (cn 18-3221) of the Brasschaat Aeroclub surprised many spectators with some very stunning take-offs.


One of the rarest visitors was this Mielec-TS-8-Bies-SP-YBD (cn 1E10-09) superbly maintained as "1009" of the Polish Air Force.

Reims Cessna F.172M OO-LNC

Sanicole based Reims Cessna F.172M OO-LNC (cn 1510)

Stampe Vertongen SV-4B OO-WIL

What would a Belgian Fly-in be without an example of its most famous indigenous design the Stampe Vertongen SV-4B, in this case OO-WIL V-42

Verhees Delta F-PDHV

The Verhees Delta F-PDHV (cn 01) always good for some strange reactions by the crowds. The menacing afternoon skies made many people run for a shelter. Let's hope the next year we'll have the much more preferred sun again,...


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See you again next year.


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