Malle Fly In & Photoflying Days 2011




Between 18 and 21 August 2011 the Aero Club Der Kempen organised its International Oltimer & Warbird Fly at the airfield of Malle (EBZR), combined with the Air to Air Academy & Photoflying days which resulted in a very varied and superb collection of many different types of aircraft, civil or military, recent or vintage. Undisbuted star of the year's event was without any doubt the extraordinary Sikorsky S.38B amphibious aircraft named Osa's Ark. The event attracted a huge crowd of almost 30.000 visitors to the Northern Antwerp airfield. On top of that this venue was completely free of charge and offered the many spectators and photographers very good viewing possibilities with most of the aircraft only a few meters away. Since a number of great aishows in the past, Malle had already aqcuired a reputation of being a warbird lovers' Mekka and this Fly In surely leaved up to this reputation. Hope to see you next year.


A pictorial impression:


Dornier Do 27A-1 D-EFFB

Dornier Do 27A-1 D-EFFB brought back memories of Light Aviation Dorniers operating out of nearby Brasschaat airbase..

Sikorsky S-38B (replica) "Osa-'s Ark" N28V

Sikorsky S-38B (replica) "Osa-'s Ark" N28V (cn B414-20) taxiing in at Malle airfield on August 21st, 2010

Sikorsky S-38B (replica) "Osa-'s Ark" N28V

Owner Thomas Schrade brings in the "Ark" for a landing at Malle airfield. More on Osa's Ark here.

Stampe Vertongen SV.4B V-41/OO-LUK

Looking as if delivered yesterday to the  Belgian Air Force; Stampe Vertongen SV.4B V-41/OO-LUK

Piper PA-46 500TP Malibu-Meridian N1RQ

Very smart looking Piper PA-46 500TP Malibu-Meridian N1RQ (cn 4697112)

Robinson R44 Raven II OO-PVZ

Robinson R44 Raven II OO-PVZ (cn 12508) offering first flights to many visitors

Pilatus P.3-05 F-AZHG "A-805"

Privately owned Pilatus P.3-05 F-AZHG "A-805" (cn 322-4) in flight near Malle

Douglas AD-4NA Skyraider "125716/22-DG" F-AZFN

 Superbly maintained Armée de l'Air Douglas AD-4NA Skyraider "125716/22-DG" F-AZFN (cn 7609)

North American AT-6A "16544/FY" N13FY

A dream background for North American AT-6A "16544/FY" N13FY (cn 78-6992)

North American AT-6A "16544/FY" N13FY

AT-6 pilot Hanno Wesdorp up (very) close.

Tipsy T.66 Nipper II OO-WOT (cn 49) and Nipper III OO-PVA

Tipsy T.66 Nipper II OO-WOT (cn 49) and Nipper III OO-PVA (cn A116) in tight formation.

Bacau Yak 52 G-CBSS

Bacau Yak 52 G-CBSS (cn 833707) adding some smoke to its performance

Gyroflug SC-01B-160 Speed Canard OO-DYN & D-ENWG

Gyroflug SC-01B-160 Speed Canard OO-DYN (cn S-24) and D-ENWG (cn 40) in a very neat formation.

Farewell and see you next year






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