Kee-Bee Photo Call 2008


The 10th Tactical Wing organised a photo call at its home base on 18 July 2008. Not a large photo call like we are used to at Kleine-Brogel, but a small one built around the arrival of the aircraft participating in the annual Sanicole Air Show and the final training of the local F-16s for the National Holiday Flypast over Brussels. The aim of the organisers was to collect means to finance some of the prestigious projects the unit has in mind for the NATO Tiger Meet which will be held at Kleine-Brogel in September 2009. Unfortunately, the predicted overcast weather led to a rather modest attendance. The dedicated Kleine-Brogel spotters, however, all turned up in support of the good cause and enjoyed after all a not so bad day. A pictorial impression.




Kee-Bee pilots always do their utmost to offer aviation enthusiasts some extraordinary and rare views of their aircraft. Note the special fin tip band in Tiger colours, applied to the aircraft that participated in the 2008 NATO Tiger Meet at Landivisiau. Riding back-seat, Comopsair-IPR photographer, Eddy "Bink" Kellens' Canon camera must weight a ton in this tight manoeuvre.

 Local aircraft returning from a mission usually are requested to taxi past the spotters to offer them the opportunity to make some close distance photographs. Unfortunately, one of the first aircraft taking off (F-16BM FB-02) soon afterwards returned with its auxiliary power unit (APU) on. The crippled aircraft landed safely and was parked at the Alpha Zone in a safe area provided to cope with such incidents. In no time, a pair of Martian-like rescuers was seen approaching the aircraft to check the possible release of toxic hydrazine vapours by the APU. For obvious reasons of safety, no landing aircraft were allowed to taxi through or near the Alpha Zone, which also meant that they could not taxi past the spotters corner. The incident lasted almost the entire morning.




The not so favourable weather conditions prevented some of the smallest participants in the National Holiday Flypast rehearsal to come to the far away Limburg. Some interesting aircraft and formations, however, made it:


 Long time no see, a large formation of Belgian Alpha Jets. Note the 1.000.000 flying hours AT-32, a pair of aircraft with the Advanced Jet Training School (AJeTS) badge, a single aircraft with No. 1 Wing markings and a pair of grey tails, probably coming straight from maintenance at Beauvechain Air Base.


No. 15 Wing’s badge, a Sioux Indian, adorns the tail of Lockheed C-130H Hercules CH-07 on the occasion of the unit’s 60th anniversary. The aircraft flew a superb tight formation with a pair of local F-16s.


No. 2 Wing sent the flagships of its squadrons: FA-121 of No. 1 “Stingers” Squadron and FA-72 of No. 350 “Matrix” Squadron. Thanks for the visit, guys.




 Mirage F-1M 14-45/C.14-73 breaks in a spectacular way for landing at Kleine-Brogel after its rehearsal at Sanicole Aero Club. A second line was formed near the maintenance building by the Spanish and French Mirages. The two Spanish Mirages were supported by EADS CASA CN-235M-100 T.19B-17/74-35 of the Training Group in Matacán (Grupo de Escuelas de Matacán).


 The pair of Mirage 2000Bs, 520/5-OS and 522/5-OV, of Orange based EC02.005 “Ile de France” landed at Kleine-Brogel in the late afternoon. One flew a solo display at Sanicole on Sunday, the other participated in a missing man formation to commemorate the fatal crash of Commandant Michel Duvivier during the solo display of the Mirage V at the Sanicole Air Show on 7 August 1988.


The support aircraft of the French Mirages was EADS CASA CN-235M-200. The aircraft is based at Creil and belongs to ET01.062 “Vercors”, of which it carries the badge on the nose. 


Many of the aircraft on the Sanicole Air Show programme rehearsed on the day of the photo calll. F-AZTE of France DC3 (c/n 9172, USAAF 42-23310) is painted in KLM colours on the port side and in Air France F-BBBE livery on the starboard side. In 2006, this same aircraft was disguised as K-24/CW-X of the 15th Wing on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Belgian Air Force.


The Royal Air Force sent three Shorts Tucano T.1s of No. 1 Flying Training School in Linton-on-Ouse to Kleine-Brogel for the type’s solo display at Sanicole. ZF137 carried markings of No. 207(R) Squadron, while ZF287 and ZF339 were in No. 72(R) Squadron colours. The Red Arrows arrived on the 19th after completing their show at Farnborough.


 Sanicole was spoiled with two F-16 solo displays. Captain Ralph “Sheik” Aarts of Volkel based 313 Squadron puts the Dutch Fighting Falcon through its paces for the second year in a row. On this picture it is clearly demonstarted why Dutch spotters call an F-16 a "buikzuiger".


 Commandant Michael “Mickey” Artiges of No. 1 “Stingers” Squadron exceptionally rehearsed in a common F-16AM at Kleine-Brogel Air Base. A subtle way to reward the most perseverant spotters. Thanks again, Mickey!

Saturday 19 July 2008

Although at first expected to arrive during the Photo Call, Czech Air Force's Saab JAS39C Grippen 9245 together with Aero L-159A Alka 6048 and Antonov An-26 2409 support aircraft only could make on Saturday.


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Text and pictures by Jos Schoofs

Aadditional pics by Daniel Brackx ( July 2008)

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