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Belgian Aviation Websites

Aviation in General   Military Aviation   Civil Aviation
S.A.B.C.A. Belgian Air Component Brussels Airlines
Aerosite   Three-One Squadron   CityJet   349 Squadron   Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen
Blogue aeronautique de Pierre Gillard   350 Squadron   Belgian Civil Register
Dragon Airways I Fly for Charity Flightlevel
Helispot   Militairen en Luchtvaart anders bekeken    MUG Helicopter Vlaanderen
Luchtvaart.2Link   Les Ailes Militaires Belges   The Ultimate Tipsy Site
Lunak   Belgian Military Aircraft Wreckhunters   
Sierra Bravo Aero Pics   Spotting Group Koksijde    
The Flying Zone   KC-Photography     



  Aircraft Types   Associations

Royal Museum of the Army and Military History

  The ACAZ C.2 site     Les Vieilles Tiges

Stampe & Vertongen Museum

  The Belgian C-130H site   Belgian Air Force Association

Spitfire Museum Florennes

  The Fiat CR.42 in the Belgian Air Force   Het Huis der Vleugels / La Maison des Ailes
Museum Chièvres Airbase   The Fouga Magister in Belgian Service   Belgian Air Cadets

369 Squadron - Belgian Vintage Aircraft Association

  Les Fouga Magister du Katanga.   Brussels Air Museum

Serge Bonfond

  The Gloster Gladiator in the Belgian Air Force   BAMF

The History of the Belgian Air Force

  SV-4B Stampe Vertongen   Brussels Air Museum Restoration Society

Belgians in the RAF and SAAF 1940 - 1945 Kleine Brogel Air Museum

World War II: 350 (Belgian) Squadron

  Chip 1375   Flanders Aviation Society (FAS)

Belgian Aviation Heritage Library

  Blue-Bees   Wings Of Memory

Pilot & Air Force Insignia 1915 (WWI) - 1935


Alouette & Lama

  Aviation Society of Antwerp (ASA)

Pilot & Air Force Insignia 1935-1940

  Belgian UAV's    Silver Wings Magazine

Vols & Planeurs du Souvenir/Old-Timer Flying Glider

  Belgian Nike Memorial Website   The White Bison (Bierset memories) 

Gyroclub Icarus

Les Sikorsky de la FAé Amicale du 13° Wing Missiles

Champagne -Berceau de l'Aviation du Monde

      Mirage V Pilots Association

De Halifax van Schendelbeke

      BAPA   NEW


Airfields & Flying Clubs   Art & Photography   Modelling
Brussels Airport   Airshow Pictures   I.P.M.S. Belgium
REgionaal Platform Luchthaven Oostende   Wings over Europe - Aviation Photography   Scale Aircrafts 1/72
Ghent Sint-Denijs-Westrem Airfield  Philippe's WW I Models 
Diest Aero Club   IAPA   Aircraft Walkarounds 
Aero Para Club der Kempen (EBZR/Oostmalle)   Brooks Aviation Art   

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